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Campione d’Italia is an italian exclave – a small Italian town completely surrounded by Swiss territory.
Geographically and economically is Swiss, while politically is Italian.

Campione d’Italia, located in the heart of Europe has an excellent location in relation to airports and major cities.
Lugano is across the Lake, 8 km by car or bus or a fast 10 minutes trip by ferry or your own boat.
Milan is a 40 minutes drive by car and 2 hours to get to the Italian Riviera, Como is 15 minutes drive by car, Malpensa Int.l Airport is 45 minutes drive by car or Bus
Main winter sports sites are 1 hour ride by car and summer water sports are just in front of your house / residence / property.

campione dall'alto

Campione d’Italia is a great place on the shore of Lake Lugano, located in a area of 1.7 square kilometers, at an altitude of 280 meters above sea level, is a small Monte Carlo, where glamor and casino creates a high standard of living. Campione is also the house of one of the largest casinos in Europe.
New residents are very welcome and a residence permit is easy and fast.

Campione map
Due to its characteristics, the official currency is the Swiss franc (CHF) most of the financial transactions are made through Swiss banks.
Campione d’Italia has always been a great attraction and a good investment, because of it’s particular rules, benefits and conditions is an interesting area for people worldwide and that’s why it’s the perfect choice for residence of the international elite.

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