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Annual maintaining cost for the property

The annual cost of maintaining the property:

– The fee for municipal property tax (IMU) is arround 12 Swiss francs per year per square meter.

– The annual fee for garbage disposal (TARSU) depends on the area (square meters) property and the number of people living on it:

1 person per square meter of 3.50 x 1, 15 = 4.02 Swiss Francs (CHF)

2 persons per square meter 4.50 x 1, 15 = 5,17 CHF

3 persons per square meter 4.90 x 1, 15 = 5,63 CHF

4 persons per square meter 5.20 x 1, 15 = 5,98 CHF

5 people per sq.m. 5.50 x 1, 15 = 6,32 CHF

6 people per sq.m. 5.80 x 1, 15 = 6,67 CHF

The total amount in Swiss francs and then converted into euros.

– If it is an apartment in a condominium, management fees and maintenance depends on the manager, for the same size of the area with similar properties can be paid as much as 50% more or less, depending on who manages it.

– The contract for the supply of electricity concluded with ENEL, the costs are paid in euros, depending on the required capacity.

– Telephone, television and the internet are run by various Swiss companies and, therefore, these services are paid in Swiss francs. The cost depends on the contract, so it’s worth carefully review the spectrum of services of different companies.

– Water consumption is calculated for real estate, ranging from 0,20 CHF to 0,42 CHF per cubic meter.

In the case of a long absence in Campione d’Italia, we recommend to seek standing order at your bank to pay the bills coming in order to avoid penalties and hassles associated with utilities.