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Como Lake

Buying properties on the shores of Lake Como you will receive the following benefits:
1. Quick access to strategic highways, major cities, popular places of leisure, tourism and entertainment in Italy and Switzerland. Lake Como has a favorable geographical position which allows the owners of properties on its shores quick access to the main European highways, connecting Italy and Switzerland. In this regard, from Lake Como is easily accessible to airport Malpensa (Milan, Italy) and Lugano (Lugano, Switzerland), as well as to the famous ski resorts of St. Moritz, Bormio, Medezimo and to Campione d’Italia, where gamblers waiting famous casino.
2. Opportunity to stay in an ecologically clean region with a unique nature, history and architecture. Pure mountain alpine air, clear lake deep, fertile soil and diverse vegetation, including the stunning blossoms of rhododendrons and azaleas, which has more than 150 species, warm climate – all of which contribute to longevity, normalizing the nervous system, and a happy life in love and harmony with nature.
3. Profitable investment in real estate. The cost of real estate in Lake Como never falls below the original, has a positive trend and not directly dependent on global crises and trends in global real estate market.
Недвижимость озера Комо
This is due to the fact that:
The number of properties is limited due to difficult terrain, as well as by virtue of legislative control over the preservation of the historic appearance of the region where the massive construction is prohibited, and for permission to build a new facility is required to pass a lot of bureaucratic procedures;
A limited supply of real estate demand for them here is quite stable, which provides liquidity houses, apartments, villas and other real estate on Lake Como;
Lots of villas, apartments, townhouses, penthouses, residential and hotel complexes owned by celebrities;
–  Interest to property on Lake Como is provided by the presence of a developed coastal infrastructure, including an extensive network of roads and tunnels, water transport, as well as numerous moorings for boats, hotels, campgrounds, beaches, athletic fields, golf courses and the like;
The construction and renovation of real estate using the latest European technologies and materials.
4. Shopping, including the period of BIG discounts.Ego recognized centers are the towns of Como and Lugano, with their numerous small streets filled with the most fashionable shops and boutiques, as well as, of course, the Italian fashion capital – Milan.
5. Access to a variety of sports, tourism and recreation.
6. Touring the historic sites of Lake Como.
7. The possibility of studying the centuries-old culture and the unique folklore.