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Kids education

We help to register your kids at any school, in Italy or Switzerland

Schools in Campione d’Italia:

– Kindergarten for children aged 3 to 5 years (3 years)

– Primary School from 6 to 10 years (5 years)

– Secondary school from 10 to 13 years (3 years).

Given the large influx of Russian children, Campione School in collaboration with the Municipality appointed a cultural mediator for Russian children to help them quickly learn Italian and to better integrate into the Italian school environment.

The school year begins in September and ends in June, with several periods of rest.


– Kinder-garden – 180 CHF per month

– Elementary School – ABSOLUTELY FREE

– Middle school – you pay only teaching material.

Schools in Lugano:
In Switzerland there are many private and public schools, just depends from you which one you prefer, do not hesitate to ask us for suggestions up on your needs.
TASIS-De Nobili

Schools in Italy:
Italian Schools & Italian Int.l Schools in Italy usually requires a basic knowledge of Italian or English language knowledge except those from a particular country.

For further information and requests please feel free to enquire