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Legal assistance

This is a short presentation of the national and international legal, commercial and fiduciary activities rendered by our offices.

The list of services provided is directly related to the advantages given by the local situation (i.e. Switzerland for companies, individual, banks) and is not exhaustive.

With our network of experts in tax, corporate law and accounting We provide services in the following matters:

Trust and Corporate services for private and corporate clients and their advisors.

A full range of services, from trustee services, tax advisory services, company formation and management, to specialized financial and transaction services.

Bank law and all advising related

Companies start up in Switzerland and abroad, searching and providing commercial spaces, offices and offering family office services to company’s top managers

Companies incorporation (on and off shore) and management

National and international commercial law

National and international taxation, tax planning/tax ruling

Advising on company’s management establishing strategies

National and international agreements

All accounting and auditing services

All fiduciaries services required by the above activities

All services are provided by us in English, Italian, French, Danish, Spanish and German.

Furthermore the above languages we can provide translations in Norwegian and Swedish.

We directly represent Founds, foreign companies, individuals and, on their behalf and interest, we identify the appropriate bank, verifying afterwards the bank activities facing accounts, investments, trade and so forth; the same service is given to companies and individuals who already have a local bank position but are situated abroad.

The Lugano office is organized with lawyers, accountants, fiduciary, tax experts and in house public notary.

Milan office is a representative office and lean on our local correspondent organization and is organized with accountants, tax experts.

London office is a representative office and lean on our local correspondent organization.

San Paolo office is a representative office and lean on our local correspondent organization

My academic titles are a lawyer degree in Switzerland and Italy, Doctorate in International Law, a specialization in International taxation and agreements besides a double masters in EU Law and Economy.

Our law firm is well known for its international relations, professionalism, integrity, effectiveness and very appreciated for the full defence we always ensure to our clients.