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13036 House with lake view CHF 1,350,000

House near the center with beautiful lake view.

To make a house for a family it needs some work, at the moment there are some rented apartment for a yearly income of 64’000 CHF.


The task of mediation with “Immobiliare Wehner” will be underwriten  in a separate agreement.
the fee owed to the buyer/dealer of the deal ( commission) amount at 3% of the price of sale of the real estate or a month of rest in case of rental agreement.
The right of the comision dues when the buyer learns the acceptance of his proposal from the dealer; in case of rent in the same moment in wich ( se non tenessi spento il telefono mi avresti magari risposto alla domanda:” chicazz’è il “proponente conduttore”? e te lo avrei anche tradotto) realizes of the acceptation of the rental agreement proposal.
The commission must be payed simualtaneously at the sign of the preliminary contract ( compromesso) or at the moment of the rental agreement stipulation.
Buyer must take car of “imposta di registro”, notary expenses, “imposta di bollo”, mortgage expenses. taxes, and agreement translations, wich are at his own expenses.
It’s known and accepted the right to sale the property to a third party before the acceptance of the proposal /agreement.
Please unknoledge as soon as possible in case the property offered is allready known or shown fronm other agencies/brokers.