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Interior architecture and construction of houses, villas and apartments

The study of the technical and economic aspects of the project, providing advice
Presentation of the functional and aesthetic aspects of the project
Organization logistics environment for the best implementation
Research and development of graphic logo / brand
Preliminary project – a general plan
Drawing up a detailed technical description for budgeting
Prospective metric characteristics
Preliminary cost estimates for the development of the preliminary draft
Compilation of drillthrough working project
Architectural and construction details
General view and parts of the work to be implemented
Photos of generic structures
Visualization of the projected area or part thereof
Location of project technical equipment
Help in the selection of materials, colors, furniture
Assistance in concluding an agreement with the company carrying out construction work
Collaboration with other professionals from other fields
Coordination of work with companies that perform these works
Management of work in manufacturing and construction site
Monitoring compliance project work performed by manufacturers
Technical assistance in the work control

Drawing up a design project is the first step to creating a stylish individual interior. It is necessary to clearly, sketches and drawings, to reflect the basic conceptual idea of the future interior and the way of its realization. Design project needs to agree alterations, selection of furniture and other elements of the internal arrangement of your home. Our architects and designers – graduates with extensive experience, who are able to find a common language with the customer, who can understand exactly what the interior will meet the needs of each customer. Composing design – project they first think about your convenience, and only then – for their own creative expression. The result is an interior project, which will please both right for you.

How to work with us as follows. By prior arrangement with us, you come to the office, where you will have to wait for our experts. They talk about our services, demonstrate our work and answer all your questions. If you are satisfied with our services and you are ready to sign a contract, we hold the next meeting. It can take place both in our office and on site. At this meeting, signed a contract, prepaid and begins to work directly on the project. At the same meeting, prepared the terms of reference for the project. Payment for design stepwise. At the signing of the contract is paid in advance of 25% for development planning (Phase 1), following its approval – 50% for the second phase (sketch part of the design project.) Final payment is upon delivery of the project with the working drawings for the customer hands. Terms of drawing up a full design project – from 1.5 months, depending on its complexity.

Terms of drawing up a design project is very unique. In many ways, they depend on the wishes and possibilities of the customer. On average, the project work takes 1.5 – 2 months.

The cost of services for the development of the design project you can find out by contacting us. Razarabotka design project includes the following services:

measurements and assessment of facility
development planning
work to create the sketch of a design project
implementation of working drawings
selection of finishing materials, plumbing, doors, furniture from catalogs.

Design project can very clearly convey the concept of the interior and the way of its realization. In addition to a full set of drawings required for finishing, in the design of the project includes designs for every room, made, or a computer (3D) or in hand chart, and sweep the walls and drawings basic compositional elements (columns, walls and decorative etc.). Externally, the design project is an album A3 25-40 pages thick.

The album includes:

Obmerochny drawing
Sketches of the premises
Variants of layouts
Approved version of the plan with furniture and appliances Santech
Construction plan
Plan for dismantling barriers
Plan installation of partitions
Plan specification doorways
Layout of decorative items (if needed)
The plan layout ceiling
Ceiling plan
The scheme of arrangement of fixtures
Plan anchor switches
Layout of electrical equipment
Floor plan layout
Nodes sexes
Floor plan
The scheme of arrangement of electrical outlets
The scheme of arrangement of low current (telephone, television, and acoustic) slots
Non-standard architectural elements, components and sections
Color scheme of the walls
Color solution ceilings
Sweep the walls around the room
Statement decoration

DESIGN PROJECT: supervision

Field supervision includes:

rRgular visits to the object of the architect throughout the construction
Adding to the drawings adjustments arising after the dismantling of the old and construction of new partitions, after leveling floors, walls and ceilings
Counseling and monitoring that the executed construction and repair works to the project documentation

At the same time in the construction process are matched accessories, curtains, paintings, ordered custom-made items, decorative items. undertake the fitting of lighting stores. Also in the process of the copyright koordinirutsya builders. suppliers, private masters (furniture makers, cabinetmakers, etc.)

Finally approved all selected items to:

finishing materials
shades of paint (by trial to paint on some surfaces.)

This service is included in the cost of supervision, if you ordered a design project with us. If you need to make some room on the existing (and not manufactured by our studio) design project, the cost of services for decoration and scope of work stipulated

individually. Decoration includes the selection of decorative elements of the interior in the final stages of repair work, when face to create the interior is clearly delineated. The task of decorating – make domestic situation interior stylistically unified, and the main “highlight” of the project, to emphasize its aesthetic identity.

The service includes:

selection of furniture
consultation with designer
selection of paintings, sculptures and other works of art
selection of crockery, cutlery
the creation of the design project of curtains
order in a single set of curtains, bedspreads, tablecloths, bed linen,
selection of lighting
selection of stylish accessories in different rooms

At the same time, a series of consultations with specialists and interior tour of exhibitions, salons and shops.

DESIGN PROJECT: DEVELOPMENT exclusive features, styling

The first type of service is exploring some exclusive interior elements – such as stained glass windows, staircases, custom furniture, fireplaces, etc. The cost of developing sketches and drawings of each such item, and their terms are very individual. Order this service can be made at the stage of development of the working part of the design project. Stylization of the project – linking the internal situation of the existing interior to a particular style (Gothic, Baroque, Art Nouveau, etc.), requiring hard work of the architect, designer and artist to develop the individual elements that give the interior a conceptual and stylistic color and finish. This stucco, decorative niches, columns, wall graphics, bas-shaped openings, etc.


3D-visualization of the object can at the design stage to see the approximate result. In the last time there were professional programs pozolyayuschie very precisely, with photographic quality, create a vision of the future interior. It is with their help that our renderers and do their job.