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An Italian Gherardo Citterio, an expert in Italy and Switzerland from the company, told the portal how to join the lucky ones living in Campione d’Italia, informed about prices for apartments in this Italian exclave surrounded by Switzerland, and said who pays for a Russian interpreter for the local school pupils. We discussed these and other issues with Gherardo on one of property exhibitions.

The Russians want everything at once

— Residents of the Italian exclave Campione d’Italia obey the laws of Italy, but at the same time they enjoy all the benefits of the Swiss service. This is an interesting place in Europe. Probably there’s no end of foreigners?

— Yes, people from around the world buy real estate in Campione d’Italia. Some time ago the Americans liked to come here, and then there was an Arab “surge”. After that we had a lot of the Germans who now gave way to the Russians.

— And what do the Russians wishing to relocate in Campione ask?

— The Russian market is a very interesting direction of both property sales in Campione d’Italia, and providing a range of additional services. When a resident of Switzerland or Italy acquires property here, he chooses suitable housing, buys it, and it all ends at this. But with the Russians it’s different. They find themselves in a totally unfamiliar environment, and so they often need a full support from the company that you can rely on and trust. We provide our clients with this opportunity and provide a full range of services ranging from buying housing, assistance in filling out and getting all the documents, to design and repair of accommodation. In general, we offer turnkey relocation.

— Maybe the Russians behave this way because their mentality is not quite European?

— Yes, maybe. In fact, it is a matter of meeting points. We study what the Russians are interested in, and at the same time they try to understand us, Italians.

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