Campione d’Italia

Campione d’Italia is an italian exclave – a small Italian town completely surrounded by Swiss territory.
Geographically and economically is Swiss, while politically is Italian.

Campione d’Italia, located in the heart of Europe has an excellent location in relation to airports and major cities.
Lugano is across the Lake, 8 km by car or bus or a fast 10 minutes trip by ferry or your own boat.
Milan is a 40 minutes drive by car and 2 hours to get to the Italian Riviera, Como is 15 minutes drive by car, Malpensa Int.l Airport is 45 minutes drive by car or Bus
Main winter sports sites are 1 hour ride by car and summer water sports are just in front of your house / residence / property.

Campione d’Italia is a great place on the shore of Lake Lugano, located in a area of 1.7 square kilometers, at an altitude of 280 meters above sea level, is a small Monte Carlo, where glamor and casino creates a high standard of living. Campione is also the house of one of the largest casinos in Europe.
New residents are very welcome and a residence permit is easy and fast.

Due to its characteristics, the official currency is the Swiss franc (CHF) most of the financial transactions are made through Swiss banks.
Campione d’Italia has always been a great attraction and a good investment, because of it’s particular rules, benefits and conditions is an interesting area for people worldwide and that’s why it’s the perfect choice for residence of the international elite.

Benefits and security in Campione d’Italia

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The benefits of Campione d’Italia are multiple and actractive for all citizens:

The village is located in the Northern Mediterranean area, right before the Swiss Alps that can be seen from the Village, this means not less than 0° C in winter and not more then 35° C in summer. Alpine mountain breezes allows fresh and clean air  even in the hottest summer days.

  • The municipality takes particular attention for the safety of it’s citizens and provides an always clean and neat conditions of the common spaces offering a nice landscape design all year round.
  • Since the area is located in Switzerland, you have Swiss privileges.
  • You can move freely in all Schengen countries, as well as Liechtenstein and Switzerland, without any border from and to Campione d’Italia.
  • It’s located on the shores on Lugano lake with crystal clear and swimmable water that never freeze, high mountain peaks and verdant gardens all year around.
  • It’s well known for it’s quite and security: the local police and military police (Carabinieri) are patrolling the city 24/24, providing its residents an high level of security and order.
  • High standard of living.
  • Facilities for family reunification.
  • Citizens have the advantage of both, Italian and Swiss, health care systems .
  • Free movement within the Schengen area, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.
  • Swiss license plates & driving licence.
  • Cultural integration for your children in the kinder-garden, primary and secondary school.

Why Campione d’Italia is the best choice

  • You live in a European country with the privileges of Switzerland.
  • You can move freely throughout Europe (Schengen), Switzerland and Liechtenstein.
  • The benefits of the Mediterranean climate due to its advantageous location on the shore of Lake Lugano (through) and a favorable south-east position.
  • Regular care of the green areas and landscape, flowering plants in any season, creating a perfect environment for living in all year.
  • The minimum temperature is about 0 ° C, the maximum temperature in summer is +35 ° C. Alpine breezes make air is especially pure and salubrious.
  • Clear lakes and excellent water communication with Switzerland.
  • The garrison of the local police and carabinieri constantly patrolling the city, 24 hours a day, to ensure safety.
  • High quality of life, where in calm and protected environment can grow your children.
  • Excellent school for your children.

What laws apply in Campione d’Italia

Campione – a territory that does not belong to the European Union (in accordance with Article 7 of Italian Decree 633/72 and subsequent amendments H) and, therefore, not subject to VAT on the goods and services provided by contractors, the EU, and is subject to Swiss VAT on goods and services, Switzerland provided by contractors or non-EU territories.

Residents of Campione d’Italia have a “discount” on taxes if their income does not exceed 200’000 CHF a year, discounts on subsidized interest rates CHF-€ quantified by 20% less than in the foreign exchange market.

Capital gains and income from equity law, which came into force in June 2011, establishes the tax rate to 20%.

In respect of the estate tax and gift tax no advantage: as in the rest of Italy, up to 1 million € to be a franchise, if recipients are relatives in a straight line, in all other cases, the tax to 8%.

Particularities about Campione d’Italia

  • Italian territory in Switzerland
  • No restrictions to reside in Campione
  • Italian/Swiss V.A.T. free
  • Swiss phone numbers
  • Italian car insurance and licence plates
  • Sanitary service and insurance both in Italy and Switzerland
  • Fiscal facilities for residents
  • Residents are allowed to have a Swiss bank account

To obtain citizenship of the European Union, taking into account only those countries in which life is stable and there are visible social and economic benefits.

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