Seller’s Guide

If you decided to sell your property you are at the right place!

A successful deal requires a solid and professional help that we at IMMOBILIARE WEHNER can provide since 3 generations working almost exclusively in the Campione d’Italia real estate market.

Signing of agreement

A free right to sell of real estate allows the seller to promote his property to several agencies. On one hand, it allows covering a larger market, but on the other hand it complicates information control and this is what the buyers don’t like. Also giving the property to multiple agencies shows to the buyer that you are “desperate to sell”, and we don’t want that, right?

A property with exclusive rights to sell is significantly more likely placed at exhibitions, catalogs and in our showcases. The exclusive rights to sell allows us to organise better the advertising campaigns and show at the best your property and  all the sales process itself.

Getting a copy of keys is also a perfect option, because most of the time, clients decide at the last second that they want to increase their budget and see more. If we have your property keys we can show it right away. But if we have first to call to get the keys or set up an appointment, that will cause loosing of time, and the buyers get’s nervous.

The first impressions is crucial!

Buyers begin judging your home the first moment they see it and, unless they’re looking for a deal, they prefer homes that are well maintained, clean and clutter-free.

Some times sellers don’t know or don’t have the time to show their property at the best, that’s why our home stager sees your home from a buyer’s perspective and understands how to highlight its strengths and soften its flaws, and our professional photographer can make it all look brilliant in our listings.

Basically it’s a cleaning and rearranging of the furniture, but there is much more to show your home like a showroom. If you want to save money for professional staging, here are a few tips for dyeing it yourself:

  • Remove any sort of decorations from the front door
  • Keep the space simple but welcoming to start buyers off on the right foot and suggest good things to come inside
  • Place bright flowers and real plants
  • Let all the natural light come in
  • Deep clean everything

Generally a few home owners don’t renovate their homes in order to sell them because they know they won’t recoup the cost of the renovations. However, in some cases minor renovations can really improve the overall impression of a property’s. Just ask us for advise!

Getting the right asking price

We provide the best knowledge and strategy marketing to achieve your goal and sell or rent at the best price.

We also provide a free of charge professional photo shooting in order to show on our listings the best angles of your property.

Brokerage agreement

The task of mediation with IMMOBILIARE WEHNER will be underwritten in an agreement. The fee owed is 3% of the price of sale of the property or one month of rent in case of rental agreement.

The right of the commission is due when the buyer learns the acceptance of his proposal from the dealer; in case of rent in the same moment in which the tenant signs the rental agreement.

The sale process

As soon you provide us with all the needed documents, to organise a pre-contract or to go directly to the deed, we will need at lest 7-10 working days.

Our notary will come directly to sign the contracts to our office in Campione d’Italia, so no need for you to struggle in other cities to find a parking and so on.

Step Description
#1 Sign pre-contract
#2 Get 10% deposit
#3 Pay 3% commission to agency
#4 Sign deed
#5 Get 90% of the purchase price