In general, what is changing since 1st January 2020?

From 1st January 2020, Campione will become part of the EU customs area by Italian and European Union will. From now on, Campione will no longer be part of the Swiss customs territory.

In concrete terms, going from Campione to Switzerland will become like going from Italy to Switzerland, with all the consequences we know (declaration and taxation of goods, checks).

What is the situation from January 1st 2020 in case you want to import or export goods from Campione to Switzerland and vice versa?

We will have the same situation that we currently have when a person imports goods from abroad into Switzerland or exports goods from Switzerland to abroad. In case of export from Campione to Switzerland, the goods must be declared in Italy for export and in Switzerland for import. Furthermore, customs duties and other taxes (e.g. VAT) must be paid in Switzerland. The same, but on the contrary, applies in the case of export from Switzerland to Campione.

From 1st January 2020, how should we proceed in the case of transport of goods from Campione to Italy and vice versa, crossing Switzerland?

The goods must be declared in the transit procedure, as is done for example in the presence of goods that go from Italy to Germany:
  • commercial goods must be declared according to the NCTS procedure;
  • private goods must be declared with the written self-taxation procedure in tourist traffic (letterbox – PATT)

Will the AFD carry out checks between Campione and Switzerland from 1 January 2020?

Yes, going from Campione (Italy) to Bissone (Switzerland) and vice versa will be like going from abroad to Switzerland and vice versa at any other customs crossing.

From January 1, 2020, how will people who go to Campione realize the new situation?

The new situation will be signaled through the affixing of signs.

Will there be a customs office from 1st January 2020?


Commercial traffic

Swiss and Italian customs will operate separately, in separate spaces, in the relevant countries. On the Swiss side, the customs checks entering Switzerland would be carried out in a mobile way, in particular on a defined area on the territory of the Municipality of Bissone.

Tourist traffic

Physically, at the border, there will be no property that will act as a customs office.

Similarly to what happens at most customs crossings, the person who will transport goods in quantities that exceed the allowances, will have the opportunity to proceed with the declaration of the same with the self-taxation system written in tourist traffic (bucalettere -PATT), or with the QuickZoll App. The pass will not be permanently occupied by our staff. The controls will be mobile.

Where the letterbox will be installed – PATT

On Swiss territory, in the immediate vicinity of the border, near the Arch.

Where Swiss customs can carry out checks

In principle, Swiss customs can carry out checks in the customs areas set up for this purpose and within the customs territory.
  Specifically within the Swiss customs territory (e.g. on an area in Bissone).

Will a fixed infrastructure be set up for this type of control?

There will be no fixed infrastructure on the border. Checks will take place in Swiss customs territory (e.g. in the Bissone area).

What is controlled in commercial and tourist traffic, what is sanctioned?

Vehicles, goods transported and people are checked. The checks take place by sounding, usually on the basis of a risk analysis.

Infringements of customs law and penalties are sanctioned non-customs
disputes that the Federal Administration of customs is called to apply.

Basically, the principles and directives valid at the moment of crossing the border at any other customs crossing apply.

What will be the opening hours of the pass?

The opening hours correspond to those defined by the Customs and Monopolies Agency and may be subject to change.

  • Tourist traffic 24/7
  • Commercial traffic Mo-Fr 08:00-16:00 Sa-Su Closed

How will it be possible to declare goods to be imported from Campione to Switzerland?

Tourist traffic

It will be possible to declare tourist traffic goods (goods imported by private individuals for personal use) using the written self-taxation procedure in tourist traffic (PATT – letter mail system), or the “QuickZoll” application for smartphones.

Commercial traffic

Commercial traffic goods (intended for resale or professional use even in your company) may be declared with the usual electronic procedures provided for commercial traffic.

Where can you get information?

At the AFD information center

Tel. Nr. +41 58 467 15 15 (Mo – Fr 08:00 – 11:30 / 13:30 – 17:00)
e-mail infodogana@ezv.admin.ch
See contact form

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